Voyeurism sexual behavior

Voyeurism involves becoming sexually aroused by watching an unsuspecting person who is disrobing, naked, or engaged in sexual activity. Voyeuristic disorder involves acting on voyeuristic urges or fantasies or being distressed by or unable to function because of those urges and fantasies. Doctors diagnose voyeuristic disorder when people feel greatly distressed or become less able to function well because of their behavior, or they have acted on their urges with a person who has not consented. Treatment, which usually begins after voyeurs are arrested, includes psychotherapy, support groups, and certain antidepressants. See also Overview of Paraphilias and Paraphilic Disorders.
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Voyeuristic Disorder

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Voyeuristic Disorder - Psychiatric Disorders - MSD Manual Professional Edition

Voyeurism is achievement of sexual arousal by observing people who are naked, disrobing, or engaging in sexual activity. When observation is of unsuspecting people, this sexual behavior often leads to problems with the law and relationships. Voyeuristic disorder involves acting on voyeuristic urges or fantasies with a nonconsenting person or experiencing significant distress or functional impairment because of such urges and impulses. See also Overview of Paraphilic Disorders. Voyeurism is form of paraphilia, but most people who have voyeuristic interests do not meet the clinical criteria for a paraphilic disorder, which require that the person's behavior, fantasies, or intense urges result in clinically significant distress or impaired functioning or cause harm to others which in voyeurism includes acting on the urges with a nonconsenting person.
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The disorder was previously known as Voyeurism and someone with the condition has often been referred to as a "Peeping Tom. A paraphilia involves intense and persistent sexual interest recurrent fantasies, urges or behaviors of a sexual nature that center around children, non-humans animals, objects, materials , or harming others or one's self during sexual activity. In order to be diagnosed with a Paraphilic Disorder, the paraphilia needs to be causing significant distress or impairment, or involve personal harm or risk of harm to others. You can have a paraphilia, but not have a paraphilic disorder. It is only when it causes impairment, harm or the risk of harm that it become a clinical diagnosis.
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Excess Weight. Weight Control. Voyeurism is one of the behaviors in a group of sexual problems called paraphilias.
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