Boot camp for troubled young adults

Visions of barracks, drill sergeants, group exercises and exhausting wilderness hikes often come to mind. These places exist and appeal to parents who are seeking a quick-fix or want their children to appreciate what they have at home or want to use the program as a disciplinary measure. A boot camp for troubled teens may claim to benefit participants in several ways. Boot camps can be a catalyst for change but usually do not provide a long-term solution. It is thought that boot camps for troubled teens in Canada have generally been outlawed.
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Boot Camps for Troubled Teens

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Boot Camp for Troubled Teens in Canada | Venture Academy

We can help with addiction recovery intervention wilderness therapy. Ages 8 - 13 treatment options ranging from varying levels of residential treatment interventions to family coaching to in-home interventions. Ages 13 - 18 treatment options ranging from residential treatment interventions to family coaching to in home interventions. Ages 18 - 30 varying levels of treatment from assessment, to treatment, to community based support and coaching options.
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Boot Camp for Teens: Is There a More Effective Solution?

Teen boot camp programs are designed to emulate the tactics used in military schools and boot camps. The troubled teen program offers fast results for parents who have lost control of their son or daughter. While boot camps are effective at building strength and discipline, teen boot camps typically do not have a therapeutic model to address the underlying issues behind teen defiance and rebellion. In many cases, at-risk youth are sent to private boot camps to remedy an undesirable behavior.
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WinGate Wilderness Therapy has established itself as a top-rated Treatment Program for Troubled Young Adults, who are struggling with problematic issues that include behavioral challenges, substance abuse, and addiction. Wildness Therapy has proven to be quite effective in helping struggling young adults deal with some of the complex issues that they commonly face, including substance abuse, behavioral issues, or addiction. Not only does the serene environment of nature create a peaceful setting through which young adults can confront and conquer their challenges, but the structure and support that are offered in this type of therapy also provide a clear path to improvement. At WinGate, we have invested a substantial amount of effort into creating a program that is highly capable in providing struggling young adults everything they need to obtain long-term success. Not every young adult that participates in the wilderness therapy program offered by WinGate will be undergoing initial treatment; some will be taking advantage of the recovery elements associated with the program.
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