Amateur radio shortwave antennas

Skip to main content Shortwave Radio Antenna. Great starter antenna for rtl-sdr reception. I tied a loop in the unexposed end of the wire, tied one of the supplied strings to that loop and to a tree branch. I made a loop a few inches away from the exposed end of the wire and tied the other string to that loop. I tied the string to a hook on the side of my house. Connected the exposed end of the cable to the balun and ran the coax through a window to my rtl-sdr tuner and viola a great antenna!
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Shortwave Antennas

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Antennas for amateur radio at DX Engineering

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Shortwave Radio Antenna

Who needs this article? Anyone who is a new shortwave radio listener. Shortwave listening is a bit more complicated than AM or FM radio listening, and satisfactory results depend upon designing and installing a good antenna.
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A shortwave broadband antenna is a radio antenna that can be used for transmission and reception of any shortwave radio band from among the greater part of the shortwave radio spectrum, without requiring any band-by-band adjustment of the antenna. Generally speaking, there is no difficulty in building an adequate receiving antenna; the challenge is designing an antenna which can be used for transmission without an adjustable impedance matching network. Most practical broadband antennas compromise on one of the above: Either they only work on a few relatively narrow slices of the HF radio spectrum, or they work across the complete spectrum, without gaps, but are inefficient radiators on some or all of the frequencies. Other antennas provide adequate efficiency on some frequencies, but require a separate antenna tuner to function on others. At the lower shortwave frequencies e.
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