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Forgot your password? Nixea : if you want to recreate something close the latex model with a lower breast size i have a simple solution Of course you need to find a cutted lower body to put in the latex part but i think it's not a real deal to find that kind of cutted mesh. Pas mal , hein?

Types of Mods (Oblivion)/Body Replacers

Customizing bust size for dummies? - Page 2 - Oblivion Technical Support - LoversLab

Forgot your password? This isn't a problem for most of the gear there since the base slave like stuff has a number of reasonable breast sizes availabe for it, but the one with the rubber tights and gloves has only one massive size available, and sadly happens to be my favorite minus the excessive melons. Since the base slave outfit without rubber gear is fairly similar in all but the rubber parts, I thought that maybe I could grab the one I don't like, remove the gargantuan tits and replace them with a more reasonable D cup choice, but I can only handle the most basic nifksope stuff and the body is a single mesh that I don't know how to manipulate by parts, thus I only end up deleting the whole body and leaving only the rubber gear behind. Any help would be greatly appreciated, but if there's a kind enough soul out there who can get it done then that'd be awesome. That's currently way out of my league, but I might try and see if I can figure out how to use blender to deflate those massive boobs later on. I didn't have any specific upper body in mind, just something a bit more reasonable like a D or E cup size, which is already pretty large realistically speaking. I have all the respect for people who have a fetish for gargantuan boobs, but I can't handle them myself no pun intended.

This is a more comprehensive list of the body replacers mentioned on Types of Mods. These mods overwrite either the male or female meshes and textures for the Vanilla body. Due to the nature of these mods, many of the links may lead to pages containing nudity. The BAB replacer is a slight adjustment to the vanilla body; it makes women a little more fleshed-out without being too muscular. Breast size is unchanged.
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